Commissioned by Whitworth Art Gallery | February 2015

'Tactile' is a contemporary textiles handling resource at The Whitworth Art Gallery, showcasing the work of emerging Northwest textile makers.

After graduating from Manchester School of Art in 2014 Ursula was selected as an emerging textile artist to contribute to this resource. Alongside her fellow Manchester School of Art graduates Martina Florence Billson, Christine Woodock, and Elnaz Yazdani they comprised of the final year of selected artists for Tactile. Alongside other emerging and established textiles makers, their work is part of the permanent collection at the gallery.

Ursula created an archive of work demonstrating the creative possibilities of textiles, showing the development of ideas from initial research through to finalised installation. The work is a bookable educational archive designed to practically engage individuals with the work and encourage the exploration of textiles as a medium. 

For further information or to book out the resource, please contact The Whitworth.