Loop.pH | Arborescence and Osmo Videos

I have now finished my time at Loop.pH so as a final update from the work that I've been a part of whilst based in the Loop.pH studio, I bring you two video's made by Loop.pH documenting Arborescence installed at the Amsterdam Light Festival and Osmo installed at Light Night Canning Town.

It has been a fantastic experience to work with the Loop.pH team and it has really helped me visualise the way in which I hope to develop my own practice. I've enjoyed being a part of a multi-disciplinary studio and hope to pursue aspects of this in my own work. Hopefully I shall also be able to return to work with them again at some point in the future on further projects, but for now I leave Loop.pH, the beautiful studio space and all those amazing lunches behind!


Loop.pH | Arborescence


"This is a fantastical speculation about the future of light in the City – proposing a hybrid between trees and streetlights in order to create sustainable ‘living lighting’." - Loop.pH


The finished and floating Arborescence on the Amsterdam canals; moving with the water, reflecting and animating, it is a piece suggestive of futuristic urban lighting. The team did such a great job installing this in the tough wintery conditions (whilst floating on a canal!) and it is a truly impressive statement and it is to remain installed for the duration of the Amsterdam Light Festival until January 18th 2015. 


All Images in this post are courtesy of Loop.pH.

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Loop.pH | The Making of Arborescence

Whilst half of our team were working on the fabrication of Osmo in the studio, the other half went off to Amsterdam to install Arborescence for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Before they left, we were all manically working to weave all the Archilace sections, in the hope of making the install on water in Amsterdam a little easier! I loved the layers of archilace sections piled up on top of each other in the studio...nest like.


A video made by Loop.pH documenting the team making Arborescence in Amsterdam...

Loop.pH | Osmo


"An infinity membrane enveloped the viewers and invited them to bathe beneath the stars, whilst listening to an ambient soundscape with live sounds from outer space." - Loop.pH


'Osmo; a beginners guide to constructing the universe' for Light Night Canning Town commissioned by The Brick Box. An immersive, star gazing experience, a surreal, other-worldly environment.  


Loop.pH | Atmeture Video

Video created by Loop.pH documenting the ephemeral installation Atmeture in Letchworth Garden City.

Loop.pH | Constructing Atmeture


Constructing Atmeture on location in Letchworth's Garden City.  The piece went from a geometric structure to a breathing, inflating, smoking structure over the course of the day/night. Seeing how the atmosphere changed within the piece over this period of time was very intriguing  - a completely different feel in the dark to in the light.


Loop.pH | Osmo Explorations

"A beginners guide to constructing the universe."


Osmo is a commission for Light Night Canning Town by  The Brick Box; exploring the idea of creating an urban star gazing experience. The photographs below are from our initial prototype designs...working with inflating a space by creating a membrane from Mila and punching constellation designs into the surface. The quality of light in this space is incredible! Finding the creation of physical space, and an immersive experiential environment from one simple material really intriguing at the moment...ideas to consider for my own practice (a solid structure is not always neccessary!)

                                                               Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

                                                               Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

Loop.pH | Letchworth Commission Explorations


Working with fibreglass using a technique developed by Loop.pH called Archilace, we have been developing ideas for a commission for Letchworth Garden City's Fire & Fright Festival for onedotzero. Including inflatables to explore ideas surrounding breath, the installation will be a moving, breathing installation. We've been exploring the integration of inflatables, smoke and light with the structures in the studio, whilst testing material strengths and light qualities...more to come!


Loop.pH | Kensington Archilace Fabrication


We've finalised the lace panel designs in the studio recently and have been lacing the final panels. It's exciting to see the patterns come together and I can't wait to see how they all come together in the final piece! Lots and lots of lacing ahead!

I'm almost at the end of my placement which was initially just for the Kensington Palace project, but excitingly have been asked to stay to work on a freelance basis on some new projects that are in the pipeline over the next few months for Loop.pH. There are also some new interns joining the team and I am to be involved in helping train them in the lace making techniques, so they can work alongside me in the finalisation of the Archilace piece. I'm really looking forward to passing on a skill set and to work alongside a new team of people! 

Loop.pH | Archilace Preperations


Recently we've moved onto working at the scale that the Archilace panels will be laced at, to work closer towards the finalised design. There are still some small things to tweek before we start on the final piece with the electroluminescent (EL) wire...but the patterns are really starting to become visible at large scale now. Eight panels slightly larger than the one photographed above will be stitched together to create the final piece!


I've also been getting my electric mindset back on again to prepare the EL wire for lacing, making sure that they can be wired up easily for animation once the lacing is finished. We will be using 256 bobbins and 4000 metres of EL wire to create the piece! An awful lot of bobbin making!!

Loop.pH | Lace Making


Continuing to explore lace making designs - exploring patterns in the triangular forms that the installation shall be made up of and experimenting with lace border designs. Sampling, sampling, testing, testing. We're inching closer to having a finalised design for the piece.


Loop.pH | LED Sonumbra

The first version of LED Sonumbra is a development from Loop.pH's original Sonumbra installations that used EL wire, the introduction of LED strip enabled the piece to be animated in it's changing colour patterns. After finishing fabricating this, this week, it travelled to Elton John's Garden Party and then onto a conference in Milan.


All images in this post are courtesy of Loop.pH.

Loop.pH | LED Sonumbra Fabrication

As well as developing ideas and sampling for the Kensington Archilace project I have also been involved in fabricating the piece LED Sonumbra to be installed both at Elton John's Garden Party and a medical conference in Milan this weekend. 

                                                               Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

                                                               Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

Each individual LED strip was covered in gold foil and glass beads before we structurally constructed the installation's form. I also learnt a fair bit about electronic wiring this week - as I wired up all the strips to the circuit in order for them to be animated.


I'm really enjoying being involved in all the aspects of creating these installations - learning new skills that aren't linked to a background in textiles but are practicalities of creating installation work.

Photographs from our install tests in the studio...


Testing lighting animation...


I shall be back to post updates of the final installation at Elton John's Garden Party soon! Next week I shall be back working on the development of the Kensington Archilace.

Loop.pH | Architectural Lace Making

In my first week at Loop.pH I've been learning about, and using different bobbin lace making techniques (usually used on a tiny scale) and have been expanding the stitch techniques to be used on an architectural scale! These will later develop into new patterns and lace designs to re-create a more developed design of the original Kensington Archilace.


I've had a bit of experience before using lace making stitches ouside of their usual context when I worked on the Panoramic Pathways piece with Shane Waltener, at Nottingham Castle's Make Believe exhibition. But exploring different patterns, designs and structural qualities is new ground for me...


We shall be continuing to explore potential pattern ideas for the new Kensington Archilace design next week...

Loop.pH | Internship

I have recently been offered the opportunity to intern for 6 weeks with the Loop.pH design team on the re-making of their Kensington Archilace installation at Kensington Palace. 

                                                                Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

                                                                Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

Loop.pH is a Spatial Laboratory experimenting across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences and was formed as a new creative practice that reaches beyond specialist boundaries.

"As a studio we create visionary experiences and environments that allow people to dream and re-imagine new visions for our future. We explore the role of art and design in public space by working outside of the gallery, museum and laboratory."  -- Loop.pH

                                                                 Images courtesy of Loop.pH

                                                                 Images courtesy of Loop.pH

With my own practice developing out of a background in textiles into architectural installation, spanning both art and design worlds, the experience of working alongside a team that isn't tied to a specialism will be of great benefit to me in helping the development of my own practice. Furthermore Loop.pH's focus on creating experiences and environments to imagine and dream within, is an area that I have myself been exploring, most recently in the creation of the installation Iridescent Immersions.

I'm excited to get started and look forward to sharing details of my progress soon!