10 Days of Drawings | Final Post

So I've reached the end of my first 10 day project! ( I did span it out over 14 days, having weekends as breaks, but I figured it's my project so I can make the rules) I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of scribbling a little everyday, and unexpectedly found myself remaining focused on the process instead of the end result.


None of the little drawings are finished works, but I like the gathering of small drawings, creating a little collection of marks, a library of thoughts and explorations on paper. And these might progress into larger more considered pieces or they might not. For now you can take a look at the little drawings in the gallery below or over on my instagram account.

Having thoroughly enjoyed this mini little project, I plan on starting another one, with a slightly different focus, so watch this space for details on that and for daily updates over on my instagram and twitter acounts...

#10daysofdrawing #ursularoserae