10 Days of Drawing | 5 Days In

So i've reached the half way point! Five drawings down and it's going really well although quite slowly...I keep wanting to draw more than one a day! Which is great, and is making me think about working on larger drawings for another series, not so much doodles but larger maybe more considered works. We shall see!


There isn't a particular theme with the drawings other than the monochrome palette,  this happened quite unintentionally although I'm now continuing with it, as I think boundaries are helpful in not letting the openness of a project not become too overwhelming. I'm really enjoying this process, with no particular direction or theme i'm simply reacting to a visual stimulus or a thought, letting my hand and mind explore and embrace the making of marks on paper! Even on my busy days I'm finding a little time to immerse myself in the drawing, on a train or on the back of an envelope...so I'd say so far so good!

I'm posting a drawing on Instagram and Twitter everyday, so feel free to follow my progress there!

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