10 Days Of...

I'm starting a new project. Recently I've been struggling with sticking to a task. I tend to flit about. I start working or experimenting with one thing, and then move onto another, and then go back to something I started a week ago. And before I know it I have LOTS of little bits of things, all unfinished...which isn't too much of a problem, except my brain is a chaotic mess. And there's absolutely zero structure.

I've always worked a little in this way, I love a bit of chaos, and I am a BIG experimenter, I love exploring different making techniques, and I've always believed strongly in exploring ideas through physical making. However, whilst working on projects with a specific end point there is always something to work towards, a point to direct the chaos towards. Which is great. But I really want to start generating work that doesn't start with a project in mind. To develop work fully, for the work itself. And so I've been thinking of ways to control my practice a little, to help me be exploratory but also with a bit of structure. Who knows whether this will work or not, but it will be interesting none the less.

And so, with all that waffling out of the way, I get to the point of this post. I am going to start a '10 Days of...' project. I've seen many 'x number of days' projects. Often 100 days. A whole year. A month. And I decided straight away that there was no way I'd do those. At least not straight away. It's too daunting, the end point too far away. However, 10 days. That's manageable. And I plan to do multiple 10 day projects. So, in a way I could do a longer project. But I think a more broken up series will work better for me. Changing every 10 days will mean it's less monotonous, more exciting, more varied. Are you getting an idea of how chaotic and crazy my working methods tend to be yet? 

I'm going to start with '10 Days of small drawings'. Starting small. 10 days. 10 drawings. No theme as of yet, I shall see where it takes me. 

Although this is predominantly a project for me to explore my own processes, I will be posting updates. Partially to encourage me to keep going. Partially because feedback is always helpful. But also because documentation digitally is controlled and ordered. I will post a half way and a final blog post for each '10 days of...' project on this blog. And will post each day's creation on my instagram. So feel free to follow along!