William Hannah Notebooks | Launch Day!

William Hannah website is open for business! After several months working alongside this fabulous new company, I'm very excited to see the launch of the notebooks today! Go and check out these beautifully crafted notebooks, made here in Britain and support a small local business in their new venture.

"A notebook can be a place for practicality and creativity - a place to store meeting notes, shopping lists and phone numbers, or a place to write a story, draw a picture or empty the mind.

"At William Hannah Limited, we believe that writing helps, and so we set out to create the perfect writing experience – a notebook that could accompany you on your journey through life, providing a mix of inspiration and practicality that is as individual as you are." 

You can read more about their story and ethos on their website here.

Check out the William Hannah video on their facebook page or website, and see if you can spot my hands!

All Images in this post are courtesy of William Hannah Limited.