Tactile Too | Finalised Collection


This week I handed over my Tactile Too archive of work to the Whitworth Art Gallery. It will be exciting to see the launch of this final year of artists, especially within the new surroundings of the freshly renovated Whitworth Art Gallery, which will be re-launching in February!

In addition to my archive of work, after speaking to the curators of Tactile Too, they are interested in me offering workshops within the new gallery space, linking back to my collection of work. Pushing individuals to think about the wide possibilities of textiles and the exciting forms that it can take! Creating spaces and environments within the vast expanses of the gallery. I look forward to seeing how this is going to progress, and shall be sure to post updates here!

Once the re-launch of the Whitworth is under way, we hope to be able to bring a launch date for our collection of work, updates to come!