Loop.pH | LED Sonumbra Fabrication

As well as developing ideas and sampling for the Kensington Archilace project I have also been involved in fabricating the piece LED Sonumbra to be installed both at Elton John's Garden Party and a medical conference in Milan this weekend. 

                                                               Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

                                                               Images Courtesy of Loop.pH

Each individual LED strip was covered in gold foil and glass beads before we structurally constructed the installation's form. I also learnt a fair bit about electronic wiring this week - as I wired up all the strips to the circuit in order for them to be animated.


I'm really enjoying being involved in all the aspects of creating these installations - learning new skills that aren't linked to a background in textiles but are practicalities of creating installation work.

Photographs from our install tests in the studio...


Testing lighting animation...


I shall be back to post updates of the final installation at Elton John's Garden Party soon! Next week I shall be back working on the development of the Kensington Archilace.