Manchester School of Art Vertical Gallery | Exterior Architectural Installation

After finding out that my installation proposal had been shortlisted, the panel asked if I would consider re-pitching an idea for an outside location...quite a challenge! Never having had to consider the durability of my work from exterior conditions, as well as the complications of fixings on the exterior of the building, there was a lot for me to explore and develop for my proposal. 


As well as developing my work for an exterior context I also added further details to the piece, creating an overhead canopy as well as the drop down sections originally proposed for the interior. This will create a more immersive surrounding space within the vast expanse of the courtyard.


After developing my ideas further and considering many technical aspects to the fabrication of the piece, I'm very excited to say that my proposal has been selected and I am to build my first exterior architectural installation in the courtyard of the Benzie Building's Vertical Gallery!

The chance for me to exhibit my work in an exterior installation context is such a fantastic opportunity, and will be a real learning experience! This will enable me to experience the challenges and complications of building large scale architectural work personally. An exciting (and a little terrifying) experience!