'Between Spaces' | Commission for University of Nottingham

A video documenting my installation 'Between Spaces' that was created for the University of Nottingham's Ingenuity Building.

Designed & Fabricated by Ursula Rose Rae ursularoserae.co.uk
Commissioned by University of Nottingham
Facilitated by Socket socketart.org.uk

Music: Colored Spirals 2 by Johannes Bornlöf 
Published by Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com

The Making Of | Between Spaces

I enjoy process. I enjoy immersing myself in making and seeing layers of physical work build upon one another to create a finished work. So much of what I enjoy in my practice is the developmental stages, the engagement with the work and the physical involvement of creating. It’s one of the main reasons why I am interested in creating works that are engaging to the senses, transferring even a small part of my making experience to the user who experiences the finished product.

The process of creating Between Spaces was quite long one, a large scale work of many small components, each with layers of processes. I decided I wanted to document some of that. Snapshots of techniques involved, and a suggestion of the repetitive nature of making. I didn’t document every stage, partially to avoid a documentary length video, but admittedly mostly because I got too involved in the making aspect and forgot about the camera!

Sensory Sculptures | Workshops with Sense

Recently working with Sense at Touchbase Pears in Birmingham, I’ve been running sensory engaging workshops for adults with complex communication needs from their residential homes. Working with 8 different groups over a series of sessions each, we’ve been exploring materials, sensory manipulation and a range of making techniques. I will be combining all of the work created through these sessions into a series of collaborative works to be exhibited in Touchbase Pear’s gallery space in Spring 2018.

To read some more about my experiences and thoughts from running these sessions you can read a blog post over on the Sense website here.

All images in this post are courtesy of Sense.

Installation Commission | University of Nottingham

I’ve recently won a commission to create an installation for the University of Nottingham’s Ingenuity Centre at Jubilee Park! I first put forward a proposal in July 2017, and was shortlisted and then selected in October 2017.

Below are a few of the images that I took of the building prior to proposing my work.

My work will be created throughout 2018 and then installed in the atrium space of the building later in the year. I’ll be sure to come back and update with some behind the scenes of the making process, as well as the final installation!

10 Days of Drawings | Final Post

So I've reached the end of my first 10 day project! ( I did span it out over 14 days, having weekends as breaks, but I figured it's my project so I can make the rules) I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of scribbling a little everyday, and unexpectedly found myself remaining focused on the process instead of the end result.


None of the little drawings are finished works, but I like the gathering of small drawings, creating a little collection of marks, a library of thoughts and explorations on paper. And these might progress into larger more considered pieces or they might not. For now you can take a look at the little drawings in the gallery below or over on my instagram account.

Having thoroughly enjoyed this mini little project, I plan on starting another one, with a slightly different focus, so watch this space for details on that and for daily updates over on my instagram and twitter acounts...

#10daysofdrawing #ursularoserae

10 Days of Drawing | 5 Days In

So i've reached the half way point! Five drawings down and it's going really well although quite slowly...I keep wanting to draw more than one a day! Which is great, and is making me think about working on larger drawings for another series, not so much doodles but larger maybe more considered works. We shall see!


There isn't a particular theme with the drawings other than the monochrome palette,  this happened quite unintentionally although I'm now continuing with it, as I think boundaries are helpful in not letting the openness of a project not become too overwhelming. I'm really enjoying this process, with no particular direction or theme i'm simply reacting to a visual stimulus or a thought, letting my hand and mind explore and embrace the making of marks on paper! Even on my busy days I'm finding a little time to immerse myself in the drawing, on a train or on the back of an envelope...so I'd say so far so good!

I'm posting a drawing on Instagram and Twitter everyday, so feel free to follow my progress there!

#10daysofdrawing #ursularoserae

10 Days Of...

I'm starting a new project. Recently I've been struggling with sticking to a task. I tend to flit about. I start working or experimenting with one thing, and then move onto another, and then go back to something I started a week ago. And before I know it I have LOTS of little bits of things, all unfinished...which isn't too much of a problem, except my brain is a chaotic mess. And there's absolutely zero structure.

I've always worked a little in this way, I love a bit of chaos, and I am a BIG experimenter, I love exploring different making techniques, and I've always believed strongly in exploring ideas through physical making. However, whilst working on projects with a specific end point there is always something to work towards, a point to direct the chaos towards. Which is great. But I really want to start generating work that doesn't start with a project in mind. To develop work fully, for the work itself. And so I've been thinking of ways to control my practice a little, to help me be exploratory but also with a bit of structure. Who knows whether this will work or not, but it will be interesting none the less.

And so, with all that waffling out of the way, I get to the point of this post. I am going to start a '10 Days of...' project. I've seen many 'x number of days' projects. Often 100 days. A whole year. A month. And I decided straight away that there was no way I'd do those. At least not straight away. It's too daunting, the end point too far away. However, 10 days. That's manageable. And I plan to do multiple 10 day projects. So, in a way I could do a longer project. But I think a more broken up series will work better for me. Changing every 10 days will mean it's less monotonous, more exciting, more varied. Are you getting an idea of how chaotic and crazy my working methods tend to be yet? 

I'm going to start with '10 Days of small drawings'. Starting small. 10 days. 10 drawings. No theme as of yet, I shall see where it takes me. 

Although this is predominantly a project for me to explore my own processes, I will be posting updates. Partially to encourage me to keep going. Partially because feedback is always helpful. But also because documentation digitally is controlled and ordered. I will post a half way and a final blog post for each '10 days of...' project on this blog. And will post each day's creation on my instagram. So feel free to follow along!

Free For Arts Festival 2016 Live Stream

Working across a week in Ply for Free For Arts Festival with my collaborator Elnaz Yazdani we Livestreamed the process of our collective making through drop in workshops and the progress of our growing wall installation. You can see a time-lapse from the week below.

To see more from this project, check out this page.

Free For Arts Festival 2016 | Ursula Rose Rae and Elnaz Yazdani

"Ursula Rose Rae and Elnaz Yazdani are visual mixed media artists. Playing with material, scale and technique they push textiles into new, exciting contexts. Engaging the audience in simple making techniques they will explore the process of collective making to create exciting sculptural forms and transform this space into an immersive tactile installation. Growing over the course of the week the work will constantly change and evolve with the help of the public."


Join us at PLY over the course of the week to assist in creating a tactile installation! We shall be documenting the installations progress on social media through our instagram and twitter accounts and also through a livestream! So make sure you follow along!

Instagram: @ursularoserae  |  @elnazyazdani

Twitter: @ursularoserae  |  @elnazyazdani

Ursula Rose Rae and Elnaz Yazdani Livestream

Free For Arts Fringe 2015 | CoLAB Workshop

Over the weekend of the 23rd-25th, Free For Arts Fringe took place at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, which showcased a range of work from the artists taking part in the full event in 2016. With exhibitions across three days for the public to view, additionally the artists taking part in the event also spent time getting to know each other, through conversations, making, and artist talks. 


I was fortunate to be asked to run a workshop for the CoLAB part of the day on the Saturday.

A taster of what may be to come from the full festival event...


William Hannah Notebooks | Launch Day!

William Hannah website is open for business! After several months working alongside this fabulous new company, I'm very excited to see the launch of the notebooks today! Go and check out these beautifully crafted notebooks, made here in Britain and support a small local business in their new venture.

"A notebook can be a place for practicality and creativity - a place to store meeting notes, shopping lists and phone numbers, or a place to write a story, draw a picture or empty the mind.

"At William Hannah Limited, we believe that writing helps, and so we set out to create the perfect writing experience – a notebook that could accompany you on your journey through life, providing a mix of inspiration and practicality that is as individual as you are." 

You can read more about their story and ethos on their website here.

Check out the William Hannah video on their facebook page or website, and see if you can spot my hands!

All Images in this post are courtesy of William Hannah Limited.

Free For Arts | Fringe Weekend

Unfortunately Free For Arts Festival were unable to secure the full funding for the festival event this year, but they are hopeful that with more time and applications they will secure funding for the event next year. In the meantime, instead of a full week of events, they shall be hosting a Free For Arts Fringe Weekend - a taster of the full event, with a chance for the artists taking part to learn a bit more about each other before the full festival in 2016.



An 'in progress' exhibition of work, artist talks and workshops are a few of the events to happen over the weekend. I have been asked to run a workshop for my fellow artists for the CoLAB part of the day. So I look forward to bringing you updates of the Fringe event and the results of my workshop...

Find out more about the other artists taking part in the event and what to expect from our Fringe weekend on the Free For Arts Website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Image Courtesy of Free For Arts Festival.

William Hannah Notebooks | Graphic Design

In a slightly different avenue from my usual work, over the past few months I have been working on page design and layouts for the soon-to-be-launched bespoke notebooks from William Hannah Limited. They are beautifully crafted notebooks - with 15 colour variations ready made, or the option to create your own bespoke combination.

"William Hannah notebooks were designed to be a place where your notes, thought, memories and ideas could be captured in a moment, then arranged over time - notebooks that would support and inspire you on your journey through life."


Images Courtesy of William Hannah Limited

Join the William Hannah mailing list to receive updates about the launch here.

And follow along on Social Media to see sneak peeks of the design progress like those shown above. Instagram: @williamhannahuk , Twitter: @WilliamHannahUK , Facebook: William Hannah Limited

A New Collaboration | Ursula Rose Rae and Elnaz Yazdani

Recently I've begun an exciting collaboration with my fellow Manchester School of Art graduate Elnaz Yazdani - having worked alongside each other for many years at university and more recently in our commissioned archives for The Whitworth Tactile Too collections, we have a strong understanding of each others practices, so are very excited to see the results of the culmination of our ideas! 

                               Top Left & Bottom Right Images Courtesy of Elnaz Yazdani.

                               Top Left & Bottom Right Images Courtesy of Elnaz Yazdani.

Image Courtesy of Free For Arts Festival.

Image Courtesy of Free For Arts Festival.


Our first collaborative project will be for the Free For Arts Festival this year hosted by Juncture, in October 2015. I shall be back with more updates closer to the time. In the meantime, you can check out Elnaz's work here. And also find out more about the Free For Arts Festival on their website, facebook page or twitter feed.

Charnwood Arts | ArtsHouse on Tour

Some photographs from my ArtsHouse on Tour workshop with Charnwood Arts...


...so many fantastic designs - brightly coloured, exciting plastic bottles completely transformed! 


The children did a great job of creating a really visually appealing and intriguing sculpture - it drew many people to come and watch our work progress. The process of making and creating a piece of work in the open, allows an interaction with the piece as it develops, rather than simply viewing a finished project. Well done to all who took part in the workshop...the result was definitely striking!


Charnwood Arts | ArtsHouse on Tour Workshop

This summer I have been invited by Charnwood Arts to run a workshop as part of ArtsHouse on Tour. In it's second year, ArtsHouse on Tour will bring a varied range of arts workshops to rural Charnwood villages, from African drumming to Raku pottery, from Circus skills to my own Bottle Nests: An Installation Workshop. The whole series brings an exciting range of activities for all. A full list of workshops and details concerning bookings can be found here.

Bottle Nests: An Installation Workshop will explore the transformation of simple everyday recycled materials into a vibrant colourful sculpture, situated within the community as a collaborative installation. Come and join me in decorating, cutting, attaching...altering, a range of bottles to then join together in the creation of a large public artwork!


Please don't hesitate to contact me to find out more about these workshops!

Social Media Expansion | Ursula Rose Rae on Facebook

This month I set up my artist/designer page on facebook, to add to my social media circle! Regular updates of my goings on will be posted on the page as well as snapshots into work that I'm developing. Follow this link and hit that 'like' button if you're interested in following along...

East Midlands Visual Arts Network | 'Meet the Artist' Feature

This month I am EMVAN's (East Midlands Visual Arts Network) featured artist, and have a little interview over on their website that you can check out here...

I also highly recommend signing up to become an EMVAN member if you live in the region, as opportunities/exhibitions/jobs are posted regularly on the website and straight to your inbox every month in a newsletter. Very useful information and also a good network of local artists! 

Tactile Too | Publication

This week I received the TACTILE too publication that has been produced to work alongside the TACTILE too archive. It features all three years of the commissioned artists as well as writings on the production of the collection and opportunities that have arisen as a result of producing work for the collection.


The publication was launched last week at the North West Craft Networks Making It event at The Whitworth, which was a whole day event for emerging artists and designers in the Manchester region. A few pages from the publication can be viewed here, but if anyone is interested in receiving a publication please do contact either myself or The Whitworth.


Tactile Too | Finalised Collection


This week I handed over my Tactile Too archive of work to the Whitworth Art Gallery. It will be exciting to see the launch of this final year of artists, especially within the new surroundings of the freshly renovated Whitworth Art Gallery, which will be re-launching in February!

In addition to my archive of work, after speaking to the curators of Tactile Too, they are interested in me offering workshops within the new gallery space, linking back to my collection of work. Pushing individuals to think about the wide possibilities of textiles and the exciting forms that it can take! Creating spaces and environments within the vast expanses of the gallery. I look forward to seeing how this is going to progress, and shall be sure to post updates here!

Once the re-launch of the Whitworth is under way, we hope to be able to bring a launch date for our collection of work, updates to come!