Commissioned by University of Nottingham | Ingenuity Centre| September 2018 

Ursula Rose Rae designed Between Spaces to create an environment for reflection and thought. The work creates a subtle divide between spaces, softens geometric edges and represents ideas of growth, development and flow. 

Between Spaces draws on details observed within the atrium; the reflected broken geometric marks, the cool colour tones and the ever-changing light qualities are echoed within the piece to create a sense of cohesion between the work and its surroundings.

In order to encourage a calm reflective environment, Ursula avoided interrupting the space with bold colours, opting to work with frosted material, cool colour pigments and metallic foils. With changing light levels over the course of a day and at different times of year, these materials will interact with the surrounding space to produce varying shadows, colours and reflections. 

The gradations of surface colour work in tandem with the undulating and gradually increasing scale of the sculpture, drawing people through the building. Windows of space within the piece offer fragmented views of aspects of the building and the people moving through it; air currents create a rippling sway and gentle rustling.

Between Spaces is a multifaceted installation created in response to the ethos of the building, an immersive piece intended to capture imagination, encourage creative flow and foster ideas.